Highlights from the March 2023 Transit Executive Committee Meeting

Posted on Thursday March 09, 2023

Whitby, Ontario – On March 8, members of the Durham Region Transit Executive Committee (TEC) met to discuss various Durham Region Transit (DRT) initiatives and updates. Details and highlights include:

Partnering in Mobile Clinics for the Community Paramedic ProgramDuring the pandemic, DRT collaborated with Region of Durham Paramedic Services (RDPS) to roll out three mobile clinics. The mobile clinics allowed RDPS to treat multiple patients at once through their community programs department.

Due to the success of this collaboration, RDPS is now seeking Council approval to expand its partnership with DRT, on a larger scale. This partnership will result in DRT transferring ownership for one of the existing mobile clinic buses to RDPS. The bus would be stored, serviced and maintained by DRT; with driver training and license certification—for RDPS staff operating the mobile clinic—to be provided by DRT. 

More information about this initiative is available in the General Manager's Report - March 2023 (2023-DRT-06, Page 10).

Key DRT strategic priorities and actions for 2023: DRT outlined its priorities for 2023, with staff continuing to focus on four key areas:

  1. Environmental Sustainability: Continue to invest in innovative and alternative fuel vehicles, offering zero or near-zero emissions options, such as electric vehicles.
  2. Community Vitality: Implement the Transit Service and Financing Strategy (2023-2032), which aims to improve access for all customers to a more frequent and reliable transit network across the region.
  3. Economic Prosperity: Continue to investigate, test and make use of new mobility models and systems, to showcase Durham as an innovative and forward-looking jurisdiction.
  4. Service Excellence: Continue the journey to ridership recovery, while maintaining customer confidence in DRT as a healthy, safe and preferred travel option. DRT will also implement service enhancements to promote healthy transportation choices through transit network improvements and demand responsive service. DRT will continue to ensure customers can easily access services, technology, and information in relation to the new demand responsive service that combines On Demand and Specialized Services.


“Our DRT team is focused on innovation; strengthened by collaboration. We are proud to see mobile clinics—an innovative idea that originated during the pandemic—become a more permanent fixture. When innovative mindsets come together, to find ways to enhance service delivery, the result is a positive customer experience. A way to ensure our community members remain the priority.”

-        John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer

“I am looking forward to the upcoming year and what’s to come from our partnership with Durham Paramedic Services. This will be a truly remarkable mobile service that will help many people across Durham.”

-      Marilyn Crawford, Regional Councillor for the Town of Ajax and Chair of the Transit Executive Committee for Durham Regional Council

“Advancing public transit to be a convenient and realistic travel option is critical to supporting economic competitiveness and livable communities across the region. Our residents, businesses, students, institutions and visitors will benefit from the significant investment the Region is making into it’s public transit network.”

-        Bill Holmes, General Manager of Durham Region Transit

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