Scheduled service

Several powerful, self-serve trip planning tools, such as Transit app, Google Maps and Triplinx, allow you to pick your starting point and destination, and have your journey planned for you. 

Another option is to give us a call at 1-866-247-0055 and speak with a Customer Service representative or booking agent.

Self-serve tools

  • For real-time arrival times, locate and text the stop # on any DRT bus stop sign to 1-844-714-7269 (example - for Stop # 480, text “480”). You’ll receive the next three arrivals for each route using that stop. *Standard message and data rates may apply*

  • Dial 905-666-6175 from any touchtone phone to obtain important DRT information. Navigate the menus using either speech recognition or the keypad
  • See our homepage for a powerful trip-planning tool
  • Several DRT data sources are made public through the Region of Durham's Open Data Program. This includes the General Transit Feed Specification data that websites and third-party transit apps use. Apps are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

Customer Service

  • To speak with someone about planning your journey, please give us a call at 1-866-247-0055 or fill out a customer comment form

A complete list of Individual Route Maps for scheduled service is available on the Our Services page.

Specialized Services

Specialized Service provides flexible and personalized service for customers who do not have the ability to use scheduled service. Note that eligibility requirements apply.

To book a trip, contact a booking agent by phone at 1-866-247-0055.

Booking requests can be made up to seven days in advance of the trip. Remember, trips are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Specialized booking agent hours

Weekdays – 05:00-24:00

Saturday – 07:00-24:00

Sunday – 07:00-22:00

Information on reservations and cancellations

Trips are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Passengers may travel with a companion if space is available on the bus; let the booking agent know when requesting the trip.

Booking agents require the following information from the customer when booking a trip:

  • Date of trip.
  • Location and time of pick-up and drop-off.
  • Number of other people travelling, such as a support person or companion(s).
  • Any mobility devices that will be brought onto the vehicle.

When booking a trip by phone, customers are expected to confirm with DRT staff and write down the details of the trip for reference. Documenting details of the trip will ensure customers have a record of their trip history to match what is maintained in DRT’s scheduling system. 

Subscription reservations are available to customers with regular and consistent travel needs including:

  • at least one trip a week to the same address
  • trip(s) are on the same day of the week
  • weekly travel for three or more consecutive months

 Please review the No show and late cancellation policy for more information.

Changes to scheduled pick-up times 
Pick-up times may change by 15 minutes before or five minutes after the scheduled pick-up time. When a scheduled pick-up time changes outside of the 20-minute pick-up window, DRT will contact and advise customers by phone at least two hours before the trip.
Scheduling pick-ups

When booking a trip, the DRT booking agents will advise customers of their 20-minute pick-up window. 

Customers should be ready and waiting at the first accessible door at the start of the pick-up window that was provided by the booking agent. The vehicle operator will wait up to five minutes after arrival before departing to serve other scheduled customers.

On Demand

On Demand is a personal, flexible service delivery model that provides customers public transit options based on their trip needs: whether it’s travelling stop-to-stop within a zone, facilitating connections to frequent and grid routes, or to the local GO station or bus terminal, DRT’s On Demand has you covered.

On Demand operates throughout the rural areas of Durham Region, and at urban bus stops more than a 10-minute walk from an operating bus route. On Demand is not available at bus stops within 30 minutes of a scheduled bus. For more information about where service operates, find system maps on the Our Services page.

DRT On Demand is a shared ride service. There are no guarantees that trips will be a direct ride. You may share the vehicle with others travelling in a similar direction, making stops along the way. Current operational policies and protocols apply to On Demand service.

Please note On Demand service is provided by both DRT vehicles and contracted taxis with DRT signage on the exterior of the vehicle.

On Demand service frequently asked questions.

On Demand service covers two areas: the On Demand – Urban Area and the On Demand – Rural Area. To see what area zone you're in, view our system map. Individual route maps are also available.

How to use the service

To support the On Demand service enhancements, DRT is also launching a new, interactive, mobile app solution that will allow customers to plan and book their trips right from their mobile device.

Two apps are required to use On Demand: Transit app (called “Transit” in the App Store and Google Play) and DRT On Demand. Alternatively, customers can call in to speak with a booking agent to book their trip.

Transit app icon and logo On Demand app icon DRT On Demand

This new approach to On Demand provides customers with a modern and seamless travel experience. The Transit app is where customers will plan their trip, access real-time bus status updates, and receive notifications (think of this as your travel dashboard), and will connect directly to the DRT On Demand app; customers will be prompted to download DRT On Demand within the Transit app. The DRT On Demand app provides the information about on-demand rides available in the customer’s area (think of it as your booking agent).

Beginning on September 28, customers can:

  • Use the Transit app to enter their trip start and end locations and the time they want to travel.
  • Transit app will provide several options for customers to complete their transit trip. If the option chosen includes On Demand service, you’ll be prompted to download and taken to the DRT On Demand app to book your trip.
  • Customers also have the option to telephone an On Demand booking agent instead of using the app at 1-866-247-0055.

Please note that as ridership recovers, scheduled service may replace some On Demand zones.

Where to get the apps

Customers can download both the “Transit” and “DRT On Demand” apps from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Google Play store icon        Apple App Store icon

Booking your trip
  • Download the Transit and DRT On Demand apps.
  • Using Transit, view your trip options on the day you want to travel by typing in where you want to go and when. You will be presented with several options to complete your trip. Select the trip option that works best for you. Trips with On Demand will appear at the bottom of your screen and link directly with Transit.
  • If your trip includes On Demand service, you will be directed to the DRT On Demand App to finish booking your trip. You can then indicate:
    • The number of riders
    • Any accessibility requirements
    • Your desired departure or arrival time before booking your trip.
  • Expect a trip confirmation via DRT On Demand app 15 minutes prior to your pickup time.
    • Customers also have the option to call an On Demand booking agent at 1-866-247-0055. Provide the agent with your basic information, location, intended destination and preferred departure or arrival time. The agent will confirm and provide trip details verbally.