Durham Region Transit Commission

The Durham Region Transit Commission was established on Jan. 1, 2006, as a municipal services board and merged all transit services in the Region. 

Durham Region Transit Commission

Durham Region Transit Commission membership includes all elected Durham Regional Council Members and the Regional Chair

The Regional Chair is the Chair of the Durham Region Transit Commission.

Transit Executive Committee

The Transit Executive Committee (TEC) oversees and discusses important planning, operational, and financial decisions. Members of TEC are elected members of Durham Regional Council, including the Regional Chair and the eight mayors, or a designate, from each of the local municipalities.

Transit Executive Committee


Commissioner Collier


Commissioner Anderson

Commissioner Barton

Commissioner Bath-Hadden

Commissioner Carter

Commissioner Drew

Commissioner Mulcahy

Commissioner Pickles

Regional Chair Henry

Transit Advisory Committee

The Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) provides input to TEC on policies and procedures, and operational and planning concerns. Members of TAC are volunteers made up of Durham Region residents.

Transit Advisory Committee

Commission Chair's Designate

Commissioner Barton


C. Antram, Town of Ajax

J. Martin, Township of Brock

R. Claxton-Oldfield, Municipality of Clarington

J. Layne, City of Oshawa

A. Macci, City of Pickering

I. Liang, Township of Scugog

G. Weddel, Township of Uxbridge

K. Ginter, Member at Large

J. Hollingsworth, Member at Large

M. Roche, Accessibility Advisory Committee

H. Hall, Accessibility Advisory Committee


Vacant, designate from community groups representing persons with disabilities in Durham Region 

Vacant, designate from community groups representing persons with disabilities in Durham Region

J. Sankarlal, Ontario Tech University, Durham College and Trent University Student Association designate

DRT General Manager's Designate

A. McKinley

Our Terms of Reference have complete details about TAC's goal, mandate, scope, composition, membership, officers, meetings, delegations, minutes and agenda, recommendations, and eligibility criteria and availability.

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