PRESTO is a reloadable smartcard, which allows you to pay your fare with a simple tap. With PRESTO, you don't have to worry about having correct change to ride DRT.

PRESTO always calculates the lowest fare for your trip and works with transit systems across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa. It's the easiest way to pay for your journey.

PRESTO E-Tickets 

PRESTO has a convenient and touchless way to pay your DRT fare with PRESTO E-Tickets. Download the PRESTO E-Ticket app from the App Store or Google Play Store to your smartphone and follow these three easy steps:

  1. Purchase your DRT PRESTO E-Ticket from your smartphone: You can select from adult, senior and youth single ride tickets or monthly passes. Don’t forget, kids ages 12 and under always ride DRT for free!
  2. Activate your PRESTO E-Ticket before you ride: Be sure to leave enough time to activate your PRESTO E-Ticket before you board. It takes one minute to activate the first time you use it (single ride tickets provide unlimited rides for two hours after activation, monthly passes remain active until the last day of the month).
  3. Show and tap or Scan your PRESTO E-Ticket: When boarding a DRT bus, open the QR code in the activated PRESTO E-Ticket and hold it to the barcode scanner on the PRESTO reader to validate your fare.* When using DRT On Demand or Specialized services, show the operator your activated PRESTO E-Ticket when you board the bus and tap the screen on your smartphone to change the colour and show the driver it's valid. 

* PRESTO E-Ticket customers should be sure to download the latest update to the PRESTO E-Ticket app in order to enable QR code fare validation.

For complete details on the PRESTO E-Ticket app, including frequently asked questions, please visit the PRESTO website. And remember, with PRESTO you always pay the lowest fare!

PRESTO Card in Google Wallet

Android users can pay their fare by tapping a digital version of the PRESTO card in Google Wallet, on an Android smartphone or Wear OS smartwatch. Please visit the PRESTO website for more information