PRESTO is a reloadable smartcard, which allows you to pay your fare with a simple tap. With PRESTO, you don't have to worry about buying bus tickets, a paper monthly pass or having correct change to ride DRT.

PRESTO always calculates the lowest fare for your trip and works with transit systems across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa. It's the easiest way to pay for your journey.

PRESTO device refresh - update

As you may have heard, in 2020 PRESTO will be updating their devices throughout the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) transit agencies. In the weeks ahead, you may see some of the new PRESTO devices on board some Durham Region Transit buses. Please see below some FAQs that PRESTO has provided for DRT customers. 

Q: What are these new PRESTO devices I’ve been reading about?

A: Early next month, GO and 905 transit agency customers will begin seeing new PRESTO payment devices on some buses and in some stations. These devices are being replaced before the existing ones, which have been in field for nearly 10 years, reach their end-of-life.  The new devices also have the built-in capabilities to support future enhancements Metrolinx is making to the PRESTO system, including open payment. The devices will initially be rolled out to a limited number of buses and stations to allow them to be tested in field before a full rollout next year.

Q: I’ve been reading that I’ll be able to tap my credit, debit card or phone on PRESTO as early as next year. Can you share more details?

A: Metrolinx is looking at implementing a limited pilot of new forms of payment on their system next year. More details will be shared soon.

Q: When will I be able to pay with my credit, debit card or phone on PRESTO on my local transit service?

A: Metrolinx is currently in the planning phases for this work and will share more detailed timelines soon. There is still work to do, but the end goal is to have these new payment options enabled for all PRESTO customers, across the entire system. 

Q: Will the new devices being rolled out let me pay with my credit, debit card or phone?

A: Not at this time. System upgrades will also need to take place in order to enable new forms of payment and Metrolinx is currently in the planning phases for this work.

For more information on PRESTO, visit the PRESTO website.