DRT On Demand trips can be managed through our mobile application (app) and over the phone. Customers booking trips through Specialized Transit must book through our call centre.

The apps are available here:
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About On Demand

DRT offers On Demand service using smaller vehicles and dynamic routing where and when scheduled bus routes are not operating. Door-to-door On Demand service is available for eligible customers whose disabilities prevent them from using scheduled service for all or parts of their trip. 

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On Demand operates throughout the rural areas of Durham Region, and at urban bus stops more than a 10-minute walk from an operating bus route. On Demand is not available at bus stops with a bus scheduled to arrive within 30 minutes. Trips offered through On Demand are designed to connect customers with scheduled buses for onward travel, where available.

Areas are highlighted on DRT’s system map where On Demand operates during some or all of the day. Overnight, On Demand is available at most bus stops in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice and Bowmanville where Blue Night Routes N1 and N2 are not operating.

DRT On Demand is a shared ride service. There are no guarantees that trips will be a direct ride. Customers may share the vehicle with others travelling in a similar direction, making stops along the way. This model ensures equitable service that is available to all who need it.

Seeking more information? Read through On Demand frequently asked questions.

Booking an On Demand trip

Customers can book an On Demand trip by using the DRT On Demand app. The On Demand app provides information about rides available in the area. Trips can also be booked by calling a booking agent.

DRT provides 24-hour transit service seven days a week in the urban area, and service from 06:00 to 24:00 on weekdays and 07:00 to 21:00 on weekends in rural areas. Whether On Demand is available for your trip also depends on nearby scheduled bus routes in operation. 

On Demand trips can be booked beginning at midnight the day before the planned trip.

Registered customers who are eligible for Specialized Service must call a booking agent to schedule an On Demand trip. This can be done up to 7 days in advance of the planned trip.

Travel Checklist

Book your trip as soon as possible.
On Demand trips can be booked beginning at midnight the day before the planned trip. For example, if you are planning a trip any time on Saturday, you can book beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday.

Specialized Transit customers can call a booking agent up to seven (7) days in advance of a planned trip.
Arrive early at your pick-up location.

Customers should be ready during the pick-up window provided by the booking agent. Give yourself enough time to reach the stop where your pickup will take place. 

Note: for customers not using the DRT On Demand App: If five (5) minutes have passed since your scheduled pick-up time, you can contact customer service by phone for an update on your trip.

Book with flexibility in mind. 

When booking your trip, the DRT On Demand app or booking agent will provide a pickup time. Based on other bookings, the pick-up times may shift slightly. Please keep this in mind when booking, and schedule your trip with flexibility.

Be prepared to board and disembark independently. 

Operators do not assist individuals with boarding or disembarking vehicles, except for customers registered with Specialized Transit.

Note: Individuals requiring an accessible vehicle are expected to note this when booking their trip.

Get to know our customer policies 

Before you travel, you should review the information in our customer policies, which apply to all DRT services. 


  • Trips are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • All Specialized Transit pickups and drop offs take place at accessible entrances, and operators escort passengers between the vehicle and those entrances.
  • On Demand customers in urban areas will be picked up and dropped off at bus stops
  • On Demand customers in rural areas will be picked up and dropped off at their curb or at the end of a driveway.


Specialized Transit within On Demand

About Specialized Transit

Specialized Transit is now integrated within On Demand. The service provides flexible and personalized service for customers whose disabilities prevents them from using scheduled service for all or parts of their trip. Customers must apply to use Specialized Services. Applications are reviewed to confirm eligibility.

Registered customers must contact a booking agent for support planning and booking a trip. Specialized Services customers can use the On Demand app to monitor their in-progress and upcoming trips. 

Note: A new booking system has been implemented and login credentials used for the Specialized Services WebPass booking system (used prior to 2020) will not function. 

Specialized Services application

Request application by mail

Specialized Booking Agent hours

Call Centre phone number: 311 (within Regional limits); 1-866-247-0055. 

Weekdays – 05:00-24:00

Saturday – 07:00-24:00

Sunday – 07:00-22:00

Information on reservations and cancellations

Passengers may travel with a companion if space is available on the bus; let the booking agent know when requesting the trip.

Booking agents require the following information from the customer when booking a trip:

  • Date of trip.
  • Location and time of pick-up and drop-off.
  • Number of other people travelling, such as a support person or companion(s).
  • Any mobility devices that will be brought onto the vehicle.

When booking a trip by phone, customers are expected to confirm with DRT staff and write down the details of the trip for reference. Documenting details of the trip will ensure customers have a record of their trip history to match what is maintained in DRT’s scheduling system. 

Subscription reservations are available to customers registered with Specialized Transit with regular and consistent travel needs including:

  • at least one trip a week to the same address
  • trip(s) are on the same day of the week
  • weekly travel for three or more consecutive months

 Please review the No show and late cancellation policy for more information.

Changes to scheduled pick-up times 
Pick-ups are scheduled within a 20-minute window. When a scheduled pick-up time changes, updates to pickup times will be available in the DRT On Demand app. Changes to Specialized Transit trips booked in advance will be communicated to the customer.
Scheduling pick-ups

When booking a trip, the DRT booking agents will advise customers of their 20-minute pick-up window. 

Customers should be ready and waiting at the first accessible door at the start of the pick-up window that was provided by the booking agent. The vehicle operator will wait up to five minutes after arrival before departing to serve other scheduled customers.

Planning your travel

DRT customers have multiple options to plan their travel with On Demand: 

  1. Use the DRT On Demand app for Android and iOS. 

  2. Use the DRT On Demand web portal. 

  3. Speak with a booking agent over the phone.

Android, iOS and web portal 

DRT customers can download the On Demand app from the Play Store (for Android) and the App Store (for iOS). 

Google PlayApple App Store

Customers can access the web booking portal to register, plan trips and book rides. The web portal features the same functions as the smartphone app.

Creating an account for On Demand 

Customers can create an account and book trips by calling a booking agent at 1-866-247-0055 or through the DRT On Demand app.
Using the mobile app

After downloading and installing the mobile app, enter your phone number and you will receive a one-time-code to activate your account. 

If you do not have a phone to receive text messages

Account setup involves receiving a text message with a temporary password. If you do not have a phone number that can receive text messages, contact a booking agent who can create an account and provide you login information for the web booking portal.
Using the web booking portal

Customers using the web booking portal can log-in using an email address and password combination and access the same functionality as the mobile app.

Are you eligible for Specialized Services?

Your account has been automatically created. To use the mobile app and web portal, up-to-date phone numbers and email addresses are required. If your phone number or email address are not already associated with your account, contact us to make sure your information is up to date.

Do you only book over the phone?

You can continue calling to book over the phone. You may be asked to confirm some of your contact information the first time you call after the transition to the new system on September 3.

Have you been logged out?

Your account can only be active on a single device at a time.


DRT fares apply to the entire transit network, including On Demand. Full information is available on the Fares page.  

When you setup your account in the DRT On Demand app, you will be prompted to select a default fare payment type. If you board a vehicle and need to pay a different way, that is not a problem. When booking your trip select the fare payment method you intend to use, and the driver can adjust your selection once the trip begins if necessary.