Specialized Service provides flexible and personalized service for customers who do not have the ability to use scheduled service. Note that eligibility requirements apply.

To learn more about Specialized Services, visit the Planning your travel page.

Integrated service model

Integrated service, or the Family of Services approach to delivering public transit, delivers trips using more than one accessible vehicle. 

Integrated trips are generally scheduled for customers with Conditional eligibility. For example:

  • A Specialized Services vehicle picks up a customer and drives them to a transfer bus stop.
  • The customer then transfers to a scheduled service bus, such as on the PULSE 900 Highway 2 route, and travels to the transfer bus stop closest to the intended destination.
  • If required, a Specialized Services vehicle will pick the customer up at the transfer bus stop and drive the customer to their final destination.

Integrated trips will be scheduled when:

  • The destination is more than three kilometres from the origin of the trip.
  • The number of vehicle transfers are within the abilities of the customer.
  • Appropriate transfer locations are available to provide shelter, bench seating, and/or concrete pad.