Have you heard about DRT’s recruitment process?

DRT continues to modernize its recruitment process to ensure we have the best operators and customer service ambassadors to make transit the best option for travelling across Durham and connecting services. So, what are we doing?

Being a transit operator is a lifestyle, different from a traditional 9-5 job.

DRT and our Regional recruitment team are planning virtual recruitment information sessions to highlight and provide important information regarding the life of a DRT operator and the innovative six-step recruitment process to be considered for the role. This will assist on deciding if becoming an operator is a fit for you and your family.

What are the six steps to becoming an operator?

1. Submit a resume via www.durham.ca, providing details about your work experience and education.

2. If selected to continue in the recruitment process, you will be provided an opportunity to complete an online assessment to determine whether you have the basic qualifications for:

  • Customer service (interpersonal communication, problem solving, safety response)
  • Professionalism
  • Vehicle Monitoring & Driving
  • Personal Management

3. If successful in the online assessment, you will be invited to the Raleigh facility to participate further in the following assessments:

  • Vision: this ensures the basic vision requirements to hold a commercial license to operate a DRT bus.
  • Vitals assessment: this assessment evaluates the cognitive functions needed for driving.
  • Core assessment: just like your G2 road test, this is a 45-minute assessment of your driving skills that is completed in a DRT vehicle and conducted by a Safety & Training Manager to ensure that you have the skills needed to operate a vehicle safely.

4. Ride-Along: potential recruits are asked to ride our buses during off peak times to see what it’s like being a transit operator. You may ask operators questions on their experiences as an operator.

5. Behavioural event interview: along with an interview, we will review what you have learned during the Ride-Along on DRT buses.

6. Job offer: if successful through these various assessments, you would be offered conditional employment upon completion of training. In addition, a vulnerable sector check and verification of vaccination against COVID-19 is also a requirement.

How long is training?

A total of six weeks of very comprehensive training is required. The first four weeks include the Driver Certification Program (DCP) which is a Ministry of Transportation requirement. During this time, we also certify trainees with air brake training and review all DRT standard operating procedures (SOPs) and applicable Region of Durham Corporate policies to ensure that our operators are prepared to complete the final two weeks of job shadowing training. During these final two weeks, all recruits are assigned to each DRT facility and are given a chance to learn our route network from  operators who have volunteered to assist them.

Life after training

After completing shadowing assignments, you are ready to graduate to life as an operator. Your progress continues to be supported with regularly scheduled reviews to ensure you are meeting the expectations of the position and that you are provided with all necessary supports and opportunities to succeed in your new career.

It is a very exciting time at DRT. As we continue to enhance service design to meet the needs of the customers in our community and beyond (as outlined in The Route Ahead service strategy), significant growth of the transit industry is projected to continue. As such, we continue to introduce exciting new initiatives, supporting greater access to mobility.

Now more than ever, we are focused on hiring the best operators and customer service ambassadors to support this growth in the DRT network.

Apply today!