DRT will launch a pilot involving eight battery electric buses in 2022. Four depot charging stations and eight pantograph down dispensers will be installed at a storage facility to enable overnight vehicle charging. Findings from the pilot will help to inform future operational decisions on electrifying transit. 

The vehicles and charging systems will be stored, maintained, and operated out of DRT's Operations and Maintenance Transit facility, located at 710 Raleigh Avenue and 715 Farewell Street in Oshawa. 

To advance this pilot project, DRT has collaborated with additional partners. The Atmospheric Fund is providing funding to support key analysis and design work for the electric bus project, including specifications for the buses and charging infrastructure. 

There will also be electric grid upgrade requirements undertaken by Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation (OPUC). 

DRT will be working with the eCamion which is leveraging funding from the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) to develop and test new integrated energy storage and bus charging technology as part of DRT's battery electric bus trials. 

What is an electric bus?

An electric bus uses a propulsion system that is powered by an on-board electricity source from a battery or fuel cell. Charging takes place via an external source, such as a power charging station. 

What is a Pantograph dispenser?

A Pantograph dispenser is one type of charging system that can be installed in transit facilities in Oshawa, Ontario to charge electric buses through conductive charging.

Did you know?

DRT is purchasing its first hybrid electric buses as part of Durham Region's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs. 

This initiative is part of a broader partnership with federal, provincial and municipal government-funded major transportation projects, under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. 

The hybrid electric buses are expected to replace up to 10 conventional diesel buses, and will be in service across Durham Region.