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  • ​Effective Friday, May 6 at 22:00 until Sunday, May 8 at 18:00, Route 915 will detour:

    East to UOIT/DC - Taunton Rd. / Stevenson Rd. / Conlin Rd. / Simcoe St.
    West to Ajax Station - Simcoe St. / Conlin Rd. / Stevenson Rd. / Taunton Rd. / Regular routing

    Access to Simcoe St., north of Taunton:
    • Transfer to Route 401 Simcoe at UOIT/DC.
    • Alternate - Route 916 Rossland to Route 401 Simcoe.

    For the full Passengert Alert, please click here.

  • Effective Wednesday, April 20, Routes 193A/B will detour:

    - Liverpool NB to Kingston / Kingston EB into the Pickering Town Centre (using the mid-block entrance)

    The duration of the closure can not be confirmed.


  • As part of its Five-Year and Rural-North Service Strategies, Durham Region Transit (DRT) is implementing significant improvements across the system including:

    - Better PULSE service – Higher frequency, new traffic signal priority, and extension of the reserved bus lanes in Pickering.
    - Over 4,000 more hours of new bus service.
    - Over 2,000 more hours of specialized service.
    - Eight new conventional buses and four new specialized buses.

    Single Trip
    • No increase: PRESTO tap or cash upon presentation of valid GO ticket
    * Paper tickets sold in sheets of 10

    Switch to PRESTO and beat the fare increase:

    Save up to 27 per cent when compared to paying cash. Make Life Easy: choose PRESTO over paper tickets or monthly passes. Funds and passes can be added and renewed on a PRESTO card automatically online. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of PRESTO and avoid paying a cash premium.

    Make life easy – get your PRESTO card at one of the following locations: click here
    “Effective May 1, 2015” series tickets can be used until May 31 with top-up. For more information, click here.


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