Effective July 1, 2013

Cash Fare Monthly Pass 10 Ride Tickets
Adult * $3.10 $103.00 $27.80
Senior (65 years and older) $2.00 $41.50 $19.00
Student ** $3.10 $86.50 $25.75
Child (under 5 years) Free Free Free
Child*** (5 years and older) $2.00 $61.25 $19.00
Co-Fare**** $0.65 n/a n/a
ACCESS***** n/a $41.50 n/a


PRESTO​ Fare Per Ride​ Monthly Pass Rate​
Adult ​ $2.78​ $103.00​
Student​ $2.58​


Senior​ $1.90​ $41.50​



Adult monthly passes are transferable to any individual, provided the pass is not used at the same time by more than one person.
Student** Individual attending a recognized educational institution with a current Student ID card.
Child*** Individual attending elementary school.
Co-Fare **** PRESTO calculates the Co-Fare discount when the connection between DRT and GO Transit service is complete. Cash fare accepted on DRT bus with GO Transit single ticket or day pass. Co-Fare not accepted on GO bus or train.
ACCESS***** Special eligibility requirements. Valid on Specialized Services for registered Specialized Services passengers.

Specialized Services

All DRT fares (cash, ticket, monthly pass) in all categories (adult, student, senior, child and ACCESS) are valid on Specialized Services for registered clients.