What is the DRT policy regarding strollers?

Remember it’s up to you to board and unload your stroller when riding transit. If you require help, please travel with someone to assist you.
  • Children in strollers may be wheeled aboard accessible, low-floor buses. If requested, the accessible ramp will be lowered. Once on board the bus you still may be asked to collapse your stroller to maximize space in the priority seating area.
  • Operators will request strollers be folded and explain the safety issues.
  • Children should be removed from the stroller and seated or held securely and safely on your lap.
  • Choosing to not fold your stroller or remove your child/children, you assume the safety, responsibility and liability involved.
  • Passengers with strollers may park in the wheelchair accessible area if the area is NOT required by priority passengers.
  • Raise the seats and remember to lock the brake and hold the stroller securely before the bus begins moving. Before exiting, please lower the seats in the wheelchair area for the next passenger.
  • If the wheelchair area is full, please proceed to the rear of the bus. The rear of the bus is a safe location and allows for the front area of the bus and aisles to remain free for other passengers to board and exit.
  • Hold strollers securely and apply the brake or fold and store between seats.
  • Strollers may not fit down the centre aisle and may result in passengers being unable to access seats or exits. The maximum size stroller allowed on a DRT bus is 48” long by 24” wide. Strollers, including jogging strollers, larger than the maximum size can not be accommodated.
  • Strollers exceeding the maximum size restrict the centre aisle and result in passengers being unable to access seats or exits. DRT does not allow play buggies, plastic pull-along carts or wagons anytime.
  • When the bus comes to a complete stop move to the front exit. For a full view of the exit area - pull the stroller behind you and lift the strollers back wheels slightly for a gentle and safe exit to the curb.
  • If your stroller does not fold, or if you choose to not fold a stroller, you may be denied access to service during rush hours times or when space is limited.
  • During rush hours or when space is limited, your Operator will request the stroller be folded for the safety and comfort of other passengers.
  • If space is not available for passengers with strollers a DRT Supervisor is advised of the incident.
  • Passengers are not denied service based solely on choosing to not fold a stroller.
  • Please be prepared that in some circumstances you may need to wait for a later bus to accommodate a stroller if the accessible area is occupied and you do not fold your stroller.
  • If you plan your trip in advance to avoid rush hour service you may avoid issues related to the limited space in the priority seating area.