Getting on and off the Bus

Don’t miss your bus.
  • ​​​Plan to be at your stop five minutes before it arrives.
  • Make yourself visible to the operator by the bus stop curb. Don’t hide behind a tree or exit the shelter.

Avoid making everyone late.
  • Prepare your fare before the bus arrives. Have your PRESTO card handy, pass or ticket out, or exact change ready.
  • Let exiting passengers get off the bus first.
  • Pay your fare and get a transfer.
  • Pass or transfer? Make sure the operator can see it.
  • ​Exit by the rear doors.

Know what bus are your getting on. 
  • Check the route name and number displayed on the front of the bus to ensure you are on the right route going in the right direction.

Don’t need priority seating?
  • Move towards the rear, take a seat or stand and hold onto the grabrails.