Bike Racks

​DRT’s Bike & Ride encourages cyclists to combine cycling with public transit.
Environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives combining the love of cycling, and the convenience of DRT conventional route service.
With a bike rack installed on every bus, it has never been easier for cyclists to travel around Durham Region and beyond on connecting transit service.

There is no additional fare for transporting your bike.





The bike rack is fast & simple to use…

• Load your bike after other passengers unload.
• Always load bicycle into the bike rack space closest to the front of the bus.
• You are responsible to secure your bike properly.
• From a safe area – approach the bus from the curb side.
• Before the bus arrives, remove loose items from your bicycle, water bottles, saddlebags, carriers or any non-permanent fixture.
• Alert the DRT Operator of your intention to use the bike rack.
• Hold your bike with one hand, push in and squeeze the bike rack's handle and lower the rack.
• Lift your bicycle onto the rack, ensuring that both the front and rear tires are positioned in the wheel slots. A label will tell you where the front wheel should go.
• After the bike is in position, pull the tire arm hook out and lift the hook over your tire as high as it will go and lower onto the tire (not a fender).


• Advise the Operator you are leaving the bus one bus stop in advance.
• To unload, reverse the loading process.
• Bikes in the rack closest to the bus are as easy to remove as bikes in the outer position.
• Always unload to the sidewalk or curb side.
• If the rack is empty and no one else is waiting to load a bike, squeeze the handle and lift the bike rack until it locks in place.
• Step away from the bus and signal to the operator that you are clear of the bus.
• Wait for the bus to pass for a clear view of the road and traffic before crossing the street.

• You may rack your bike anytime of day, if the rack is full, the bus operator may allow you to bring your bike on board during midday, off-peak service (Weekdays 9:30am to 3:30pm and Weekends and holidays). Rush hours are 6:30am to 9:30am and 3:30pm to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday. The DRT bus Operator will determine whether space available is sufficient to allow bicycles on board.
• Scooters and ebikes are not permitted on the bike rack. (Also note that e-bikes are not permitted on-board the bus, and scooters are prohibited unless folded and carried on-board.) 
• Locking your bike to the rack is not allowed, front wheel may be locked to the bike frame before the bus arrives.
• The tire arm hook will support standard two-wheel bikes with 16 inch (41cm) to 29 inch (73.66cm) wheels. Motorized or electric bicycles, tandem or recumbent style or tricycles are not allowed.
• Durham Region Transit is not responsible for damages incurred or caused by or to bicycles, or for lost or stolen bicycles.
• For safety reasons, DRT Operators do not abandon the bus to assist passengers to load or unload bikes.
• Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in order to use the bike racks.