Scheduled Service


Durham Region's Bus Rapid Transit system, operating with a dedicated fleet of branded buses and stops, are easily recognizable with their orange colour. From early morning to late evening, 15-minute or better service is available along Highway 2 between downtown Oshawa and Scarborough. Operating in-part on dedicated bus-only lanes, PULSE is your best value for travel across southern Durham and connecting to Toronto.

PULSE 900 Highway 2 - current schedule

PULSE 900 Highway 2 


DRT's network of six Frequent routes provide service about every 30 minutes or better, seven days a week, from 07:00 to 19:00. Frequent routes run along Durham Region's main-travel corridors between Pickering and Oshawa, serving popular destinations such as GO Transit stations, shopping centres, and local college/university campuses. 

DRT's Frequent routes are:

120 Whites

224 Harwood - Salem

302 Baldwin - Brock

401 Simcoe

915 Taunton

916 Rossland


Transit service throughout many of Durham Region's neighbourhoods, providing access to connecting routes, transit hubs and business centres. All DRT buses are low-floor accessible, equipped with bicycle racks, and have priority seating areas.  

DRT's Local routes are: 

 West (Pickering and Ajax)

101 Bay Ridges

103 Glenanna

107 Rosebank

110 Finch West

111 East Pickering 

112 Brock

193 Community Route

215 Salem North

216 Harwood North

217 Monarch

219 Ravenscroft

223 Bayly

225 Audley North

226 Westney South

232 Church 

291 Ajax Community Route

 Central (Whitby, Oshawa, and Courtice)

910 Campus Connect

922 Bloor Townline

301 West Lynde

303 Garden

304 Anderson

305 Thickson

308 Whitby Shores

310 Winchester

312 Central Whitby

402 King

403 Park

405 Wilson

406 Wentworth

407 Ritson

408 - 409 Garrard

410 Olive Harmony

411 South Courtice

412 Adelaide

414 Community Route

417 Conlin

420 Britannia West

422 Simcoe - Bloor

 East (Bowmanville)

501 South Bowmanville

502 North Bowmanville 

506 Clarington Community Route

 North (Scugog, Uxbridge, Brock Townships)

601 Brock - Uxbridge

603 Pickering - Uxbridge

950 Reach - Simcoe North

960 Newmarket - Uxbridge

Individual Route Maps are available by expanding the PULSE, Frequent or Local tabs above. To download a single PDF document with all Route Maps, please use the link below:

All Route Maps in PDF format

On-Demand / Specialized

Flexible and personalized service for customers who do not have:

  • Access to scheduled service – rural areas in Durham Region

For details on planning and booking your trip with On-Demand/Specialized, visit our planning your travel page.

 On Demand Routes
651 Uxbridge

652 Port Perry

653 - Beaverton (Fisher's Independent)

653 Port Perry - Orillia

654 Port Perry - Lindsay