Take the stress out of your commute. DRTtools is a suite of powerful tools developed to utilize the smart technology on-board DRT's fleet. Real-time bus arrival information ensures that you reach your destination on time.


DRTonline allows users to access GPS-based bus arrival information on their smartphone. You can search by stop #, route, or map and see when your bus will arrive, in real-time.
  DRTtext affords users the ability to use two convenient options to receive text alerts:
  1. To obtain real-time arrival times, locate and text the stop # on any DRT bus stop sign to 844.714.7269 (example - for Stop # 480, text “480”). Users will receive the next three buses for each route serviced at that stop. **Standard message and data rates may apply**

  2. DRT's Web Portal is a subscription service that provides customers with real-time departure times and service alerts for their favourite stops and routes on their mobile phone. Access the Web Portal by clicking here and following these instructions.
Dial 905-666-6175 from any touchtone phone to obtain important DRT information. Navigate the menus using either speech recognition or the keypad.