Transit Executive Committee: Update highlights new initiatives and service enhancements

Posted on Thursday September 09, 2021

Whitby, Ontario – Members of the Transit Executive Committee (TEC) met virtually on September 8, 2021 to discuss various Durham Region Transit (DRT) initiatives and updates. Details and highlights include:

  • Demand Responsive Transit Study: TEC received a presentation summarizing a provincially funded study to enhance the effectiveness of Demand Responsive services. Ernst and Young completed the study and recommended that DRT consider a Demand Responsive service that combines specialized and On Demand services. A unified Demand Responsive service will be more spontaneous, equitable, reliable and customer-focused. The final report is to be presented at the October meeting.
  • The Route Ahead: Members of TEC were provided with an overview of DRT’s Service Strategy for 2022 to 2025. The Route Ahead strategy will serve as a guide and roadmap as DRT looks to regain ridership during the pandemic recovery period and ensure access for all residents. The strategy adapts services to new and changing travel behaviours and builds the foundation for future growth. It also positions transit as a viable alternative to single-occupancy vehicles and a reliable means of travel for people who do not have a car or cannot drive.
  • E-Mission Zero: DRT’s commitment to transition to zero emission fuels as part of the Region’s E-Mission program was presented to TEC. DRT is advancing a co-ordinated suite of initiatives supporting the deployment of clean technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from public transit in Durham.
  • COVID-19 Safety Precautions Continue:  DRT confirmed that existing COVID-19 safety precautions remain in place on all buses and vehicles. In addition to mandatory masks or face coverings, passengers are prohibited to travel on DRT when presenting symptoms associated with COVID-19, they are expected to use hand sanitizer and respect respiratory etiquette at all times and use contactless fare payment where possible. DRT continues to sanitize all in-service buses on a daily basis. 


“Transportation is responsible for more energy use, costs and greenhouse gas emissions than any other source. DRT’s E-Mission Zero program is one major way we are working to create a cleaner, low-carbon future.”

John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer

“We look forward to welcoming customers back to DRT as businesses continue reopening and we return to normal. Over the next several years we’ll be looking at ways to adapt our service and create a practical alternative for anyone looking to travel within the region and beyond.”

Shaun Collier, Mayor of Ajax and Chair of the Transit Executive Committee

“Over the past year we have received positive customer feedback about On Demand service and we want to extend these benefits to customers using specialized services. I’m looking forward to implementing an improved and cohesive demand response service that will remove barriers to enable all demand response customers to access real-time information and easily travel when they want.”

Bill Holmes, General Manager of Durham Region Transit

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