Various detours: road closure in Pickering

Posted on Thursday November 14, 2019

When: Until further notice
Route(s): 107 Rosebank, 110 Finch West and 120 Whites

Due to a watermain break on Bayly Street, various routes are detouring:

  • 107 Rosebank: Service will operate via Whites Road, Kingston Road, and Liverpool Road.
  • 110 Finch West: Service will operate via Kingston Road and Liverpool Road. Service on the 110B route branch is not affected.
  • 120 Whites: Northbound service will operate via Kingston Road and Liverpool Road and will not serve stops on Oklahoma Drive or West Shore Blvd.

Southbound service will serve Oklahoma Drive and West Shore Blvd before detouring via Kingston and Liverpool Roads to Pickering Station.