Meet Neesha, DRT Operator

Posted on Wednesday March 08, 2023

Durham Region Transit (DRT) is pleased to employ women in varied roles within transit. Many of these women have unique and diverse backgrounds and personal interests. Neesha is one of them. Neesha has been a transit operator at DRT for almost six years. Before that, she trained to become a Personal Support Worker (PSW) while also driving school buses to support herself while she was in school.

“When my daughter started school, I drove school buses. It was the perfect job because I was home in time for her,” Neesha said. “But once she got older, I needed a full-time job, so I applied to DRT.”

As soon as Neesha graduated from school, she got the call from DRT telling her she was hired.

“So, of course, I took it, because I love driving already,” she said.

Neesha said she enjoys working at DRT because she loves working with the public and it gives her the opportunity to meet new people everyday – but outside of work, Neesha has a passion for makeup and beauty related hobbies. While at home during the pandemic, Neesha started reviewing fragrances and beauty products.

“It’s hobby of mine, my little happy place,” she said. “When you love doing something, you will find the time to do it, because it will be your little getaway. I pre-record on my days off. So, it's doesn’t interfere with my family time or my work time.”

Neesha said the balance between being a transit operator and beauty product reviewer has been very rewarding for her.

“I sometimes get comments saying, ‘You're so little and you're a woman and you handle this bus so well.’ It's a nice feeling. Knowing that, yes, I can do this. I can be a girly girl with makeup, but then I can also handle my own when it comes to driving the bus.”

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