Transit Executive Committee: Open Payment Service; Demand Response Service; CIB helps fund electric buses

Posted on Thursday June 09, 2022

Whitby, Ontario – On June 8, members of the Durham Region Transit Executive Committee (TEC) met virtually to discuss various Durham Region Transit (DRT) initiatives and updates. Details and highlights include:

  • DRT Zero green-house gas emission fleet plan: In support of Durham Region’s Corporate Climate Change Action Plan, DRT plans to transition all transit vehicles to battery electric powered, zero green-house gas emission vehicles by 2037. DRT and the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding to pursue a funding agreement to support the purchase of up to 100 battery electric buses by 2027. This is a part of DRT’s E-Mission Zero strategy, which will reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions in the Region.
  • Open Payment Service: DRT is introducing open payment in the coming months, which will allow customers to board a DRT vehicle by tapping their credit or debit card on the PRESTO device. This provides another option for riders in addition to PRESTO cards, PRESTO E-Tickets, or exact fare in cash.
  • Demand Response Service: DRT is currently undergoing an integration of its Specialized and On Demand services to create a more equitable customer experience. On Demand and Specialized trip bookings will be combined through one software app instead of separate platforms. This integration will simplify and improve the effectiveness of these services for both customers and transit operators. Customers will still be able to book their trips online or over the phone. The operational and software transitions are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.


“DRT’s highly anticipated zero-emission vehicles will directly support the Region’s Corporate Climate Change Action Plan. We look forward to introducing battery electric buses and transitioning DRT’s fleet to zero emission vehicles by 2037. This change will be beneficial for service, customers and the environment.”

-        John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer

“The funding from CIB will help the Region lead the way in sustainable travel. DRT’s E-Mission Zero strategy creates an environmentally friendly mode of transportation for residents and visitors of Durham Region, by adopting technologies that have a positive impact on climate change.”

-        Shaun Collier, Mayor of Ajax and Chair of the Transit Executive Committee

“Durham Region Transit is committed to improving service to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal with the amalgamated Demand Response Service is to deliver an equitable, reliable and customer-focused service for all residents and visitors.”

-        Bill Holmes, General Manager of Durham Region Transit

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