June 25 Service Updates

Effective Monday, June 25, DRT will be implementing service updates on the following routes.

Updated Routes
(Click the link on the route name/number in the left column to view the updated route map.)
​​​​​​Route ​Routing Update ​​Schedule Adjustment ​Increased Service
101 Bay Ridges ​X
103 Glenanna ​X
110 Finch West ​X
111 East Pickering ​X
120 Whites ​X
215 Salem North ​X
216 Harwood North ​X ​X
217 Monarch ​X X
219 Ravenscroft X X
223 Bayly X X
224 Harwood - Salem ​X X
225 Audley North ​X X
302 Baldwin - Brock X X X
​305 Thickson X X
​310 Winchester X X
​401 Simcoe ​X ​X
403 Park X X
405 Wilson ​X X
407 Ritson Colonel Sam X X
408 Garrard ​X X
409 Garrard - Stevenson X X
410 Olive Harmony X ​X
411 South Courtice​ X
417 Conlin X ​X X
420 Britannia West ​X ​X X
501 South Bowmanville X
502 North Bowmanville X
506 Clarington Community Route ​X X
603 Pickering - Uxbridge ​X
​915 Taunton ​X ​X X
916 Rossland​ X ​​X