Transfers Made Easy

Using Tickets or Cash?

A transfer ticket is provided upon request by the Operator when you pay your fare with a ticket or cash. Your transfer is valid for two hours; the expiry time is indicated on your transfer ticket.

Your transfer expires after this time and a new fare is required. In the event of a disagreement, please pay your fare, board, keep your transfer, then contact Customer Service. Keep the disputed transfer and record the four-digit bus number, date, and time of the occurrence.

Using PRESTO or a Monthly Pass?

When tapping your PRESTO card on-board, a two-hour transfer is automatically loaded onto your card; no transfer ticket will be issued. PRESTO and legacy paper monthly pass holders do not require transfers.

How Can I Use My Transfer?

Your transfer provides unlimited access to all routes on GO Transit One Fare Anywhere (restrictions apply, click here for more information), and to connecting YRT/VIVA service (click here for more information).

Looking to Transfer Between Buses?

Plan at least 7 to 10 minutes at your transfer location, allowing enough time to walk between stops.

If part of your journey involves transferring onto a lower-frequency route, you can request the Operator to radio the connecting route on weekdays after 20:00, and at all times on weekends and during holidays, when the frequency of your connecting route is more than 30 minutes.

Use Triplinx and other applications to plan your trip and to know when your bus will be arriving in real-time. 

Transferring to GO Transit?

If you are transferring between DRT and GO Transit, you may be eligible for a discounted co-fare.  Click here for more information.

Using a GO Transit One Fare Anywhere route? Click here for more information.