Haven't gone PRESTO yet? It's time!

Here's what you do... 

1) Get your card 


For Adult, Youth, Senior and Child fare categories - not available for DRT Specialized Services or ACCESS categories. A $6 non-refundable fee applies to new PRESTO cards. 


2) Load your card 

Your PRESTO card is:
FLEXIBLE - pay per month or pay per ride... you decide!
CONVENIENT - no more special trips to the ticket counter! Simply purchase online. 
TRANSFERABLE - one card can be used by multiple people in one household if in the same fare category!
EASY - just tap the card reader when you board the bus!
Are you a youth or senior? All cards default to adult fares, so you must set your concession in person at:

- Any GO Transit Lakeshore East (seniors only) rail station before you load your PRESTO card for the first time. 
Once your concession has been set, load your card online at or at these locations:  
Load your Monthly (period) Pass online at, or at:

DRT period passes can only be purchased at DRT locations. 
Load your E-Purse online at or at:
- The Oshawa Bus Terminal in downtown Oshawa
- Any GO Transit Lakeshore East rail station.

3) Register your card 

Registering your PRESTO card has several benefits. You can:
  • Protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen
  • Access your card balance and transaction history
  • Setup an automatic reload from your credit card
  • Qualify for the transit tax credit

    See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.