The Access Pass provides unlimited ridership privileges on all conventional DRT Bus and GO Bus service under the One-Fare agreement for the specified calendar month stated on the paper Access Pass. The Access Pass is valid on Specialized Service for registered Specialized Service passengers. The Access Pass is currently not available on PRESTO. 
  • Only ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) recipients are eligible to purchase an Access Pass. 

  • The dental portion of a current ODSP statement or ODSP cheque is required before a purchase.
  • Pass must be signed on the back to be valid.

  • ODSP statement is stamped prior to every purchase.
At the time of purchase, ODSP benefit recipients must provide a statement of ODSP direct deposit or an ODSP cheque stub as proof of eligibility. Recipients of Social Services support do not qualify for the Access Pass.

In the event the ODSP statement provides benefits for more than one person, more than one Access Pass may be sold. For example, if an ODSP proof of eligibility indicates two members of a family, two monthly Access Passes may be sold, and the payment stub is to be stamped two times. Adults, Students, and/or Children may be identified as eligible recipients on the benefit statement.
  • ​​​The pass is not transferable, unlawful use of the pass will result in confiscation and the possibility of criminal charges.

  • Access fares are available in monthly passes only; cash or ten ride tickets are not available.​​​​​

  • The cost of the Access Pass qualifies for the transit tax credit, the Access Pass itself is enough to support the claim, a receipt is not required.

  • The Access Pass is available at selected municipal locations only.