Safety Tips

Transit Safety and Security

If You SEE Something, SAY Something


DRT makes safety a top priority. Riders should do the same. We ask that you stay alert and aware of your surroundings.
Don’t assume.


Report anything suspicious to your driver.


Speak to your driver if you see:
-an unattended package or bag
-suspicious behaviour
-ANYTHING unusual


Play your part, too.


Safety Tips

  • Plan to be at your stop 5 minutes prior to bus arrival time and never run for a bus if you are late.
  • Ensure your clothing, backpack and parcels clear the doors as you board or exit the bus.
  • Watch your step while boarding and exiting the bus, especially in icy conditions.
  • Wait for the bus to pass for a clear view of the road and traffic before crossing.
  • Whether moving or stopped, hold the grab rails for balance.
  • Keep the aisle clear for passengers at all times.
  • Stand back from the yellow caution line at the front of the bus or behind the operator to ensure the DRT Operator ​has a clear view.
  • Bare feet, skates or rollerblades are not allowed.
  • Move to the rear of the bus to make room for boarding passengers.
  • Do not walk to the exit doors until the bus has come to a complete stop.
  • Stand at least one and a half meters back from the curb as the bus approaches the stop.
  • Do not chase after or touch the exterior of a moving bus. 

  • Children
  • Assist children when boarding and exiting.
  • Children must be seated at all times.
  • Do not allow children to put their hands or head out the window or play in the aisles.
  • If your child is lost, frightened, hurt or in trouble your driver can notify emergency response to assist.
  • Unsupervised young children are not refused transportation after dark or when their safety is a concern.

  • Security
  • For extra security, sit near the bus operator at the front of the bus. 
  • If you are in any difficulty, speak to your driver immediately. Your driver can summon emergency services or police
  • If you are lost ask your driver for assistance.
  • A “request stop” program is available for passengers travelling alone at night; the program allows exit between regular stops closest to your final destination. 

  • See also Strollers, Service Animals and Priority Seating ​