October 30 Service Adjustments

Effective Monday, Oct. 30, DRT will be implementing service adjustments to the routes listed below. 


Updated Routes


(Click the link on the route na​me/number in the left column to view the updated route map)​


916 Rossland​

- ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​*DELAYED - Click for more info* Route extended via Brock Road to serve new growth ​areas.

- Departure times and running times adjusted for the following trips:​

- Weekday 06:40 westbound trip from Harmony 

  Terminal will start at​ ​​06:35.​​

- Weekday 06:55 westbound trip from Harmony Terminal 

  will start at 06:45.


401 Simcoe

- Detour ends on Simcoe Street near Rossland Road - effective Oct. 17.

- Detour on Route 401C due to Bloor Street construction continues.

405 Wilson​

- Weekday 08:03 southbound trip from Harmony Terminal will depart 

  at 08:10.