Transit Tax Credit

How does the Transit Tax Credit apply?
DRT Monthly Pass Passengers:
DRT monthly (and longer) transit passes are eligible for a transit pass tax credit.  If a transit pass displays the following information, the pass itself will be sufficient to support a claim for the tax credit:
  • an indication that it is a monthly (or longer duration) pass
  • the date or period for which the pass is valid
  • the name of the transit authority or organization issuing the pass      
  • the amount paid for the pass
  • the identity of the rider, either by name or unique identifier
  • Durham Region Transit (DRT) passengers will not require a receipt, as the DRT pass itself meets the criteria determined by the CRA, as long as the back of the pass is signed.
    PRESTO registered cardholders need a transit usage report from to claim the Transit Tax Credit
    Additional information on the tax credit for public transit is on the Canada Revenue Agency website at