DRT & PRESTO - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a PRESTO card?              
You can purchase a PRESTO card for $6 online 24/7 at www.prestocard.ca (please count up to five business days to receive your card in the mail) 
Why is registering my card important?
Registering your PRESTO card is how you can:
• Protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen
• Access your card balance and transaction history
• Automatically reload from your debit or credit card
• Qualify for the transit tax credit
A registered cardholder winding up with a very low value on the card can still ride once and incur a negative balance, provided the balance was not zero to begin with. A small fee will apply.
How do I use my PRESTO card?
Simply tap your card on the PRESTO device when boarding a DRT bus and all participating public transit providers.
How do I know if a successful deduction has taken place?
You will hear a single beep and see a green light. The card reader message will display the amount deducted and the transfer time left if applicable as well as the balance on your card. If the tap is unsuccessful, you will hear two beeps and see a red light and an error message.
How do I transfer?
Use your PRESTO card to transfer between DRT buses. No more paper transfers required with a PRESTO card! The card recognizes the two-hour transfer policy. DRT passengers using GO bus ‘One Durham Region Fare’ should continue to use DRT tickets or passes.
What are the DRT fares with PRESTO?
PRESTO fares can be found here.
Will I still get a Co-Fare discount to transfer between DRT and GO Transit service?
Yes! PRESTO will deduct a full adult fare with a ‘tap on’ the DRT bus and calculate the Co-Fare discount automatically when you ‘tap on’ GO Transit service. Your DRT fare is only $0.80 cents per trip.
How do I check my card balance?
Each time you 'tap on', the device displays the fare for your ride and your remaining balance. You can also use the PRESTO Balance Checker device at GO Stations and at DRT PRESTO card sales locations. Registered cardholders can also check their card balance and transaction history via the PRESTO website or by calling PRESTO Customer Service.
Can I still use cash, paper tickets or a monthly paper pass to ride DRT?
Yes, but you should expect DRT monthly paper passes to be withdrawn before too long in favour of the flexible, convenient, transferable and easy-to-use PRESTO card.
Where can I use my PRESTO card? 
Durham Region Transit and:
  • Brampton Transit
  • Burlington Transit
  • GO Transit 
  • Hamilton Street Railway
  • Mississauga Transit
  • OC Transpo (Ottawa)
  • TTC 
  • York Region Transit
    Am I still eligible for the Federal Tax Credit for Transit?
    Registered PRESTO card users are able to view annual statements. Go to the PRESTO website and print a statement to support your claim for the tax credit.
    What should I do if my PRESTO card is lost or stolen?
    If your card is registered, your money is protected. PRESTO can cancel your card and transfer your stored value to a new card. Visit the PRESTO website at www.prestocard.ca or a PRESTO card sales location, or contact the PRESTO customer service centre at 1-877-378-6123 without delay to report the loss. You are responsible for any costs incurred on your card up to the first 24 hours after reporting its loss. There is also a $6 issuance fee to replace the card.
    What if my PRESTO card doesn’t work?
    It is rare for PRESTO cards to stop working, but if yours does it would register an error message and sound. If you see this message, please call the PRESTO customer service centre at 1-877-378-6123.
    What about my privacy?
    PRESTO ensures your personal information is protected and all data is stored safely. The system meets all legislation and guidelines that are designed to protect your privacy. Your name will not appear on your PRESTO card, nor is any personal information stored on it.
    Who can I contact for more information?
    For Durham Region Transit Customer Service call 1-866-247-0055 
    ​7 a.m. to 7 p.m. - Monday to Friday
    8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - Saturday and Sunday (Public Front Counter: 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
    For PRESTO Customer Service call 1-877-378-6123 or visit www.prestocard.ca