Long-Term Transit Strategy

WHITBY, ON, December 2, 2008 - Durham Region Transit (DRT) has initiated a Long Term Transit Strategy. The study will develop a comprehensive strategy for advancing rapid transit in Durham within the context of the broader mobility goals of the Region. This Transit Strategy will consider multi-modal transportation alternatives as they relate to and impact transit, road networks and goods movement. The strategy will emphasize rapid transit and its integral place within sustainable transportation options that will help the Region address anticipated transportation demands to 2031 and beyond to 2056. The Long Term Transit Strategy is undertaken with financial support from Transport Canada and Province of Ontario.
This notice signals the commencement of the study. A key component of the study will be consultation with stakeholders, regulatory agencies and the general public.  Anyone with an interest in this study has the opportunity to get involved and provide input. Three rounds of Public Open Houses will be held during the study to present findings and receive public input. Notices providing the time and location of these meetings will be published in local newspapers.
The Study Team is inviting the members of the community to participate in the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC’s purpose will be to bring forth comments and questions from the community and to act as a representative of the local community. Committee members will help develop the transit strategy for the Region.
If you require additional information, be added to the study mailing list, join the Community Advisory Committee or if you represent an agency, organization, special interest or ratepayers group and would like to be considered as a representative, please visit www.DurhamLongTermTransitStrategy.ca or e-mail your request to info@DurhamLongTermTransitStrategy.ca
Alternatively you can also contact us at the information below:
Phil Meagher
Deputy General Manager, Operations DRT
605 Rossland Rd. East Box 623
Whitby, ON L1N 6A3
Phone: 905-668-7711 ext 3700/ Fax: 905-666-6193
Email: phil.meagher@region.durham.on.ca
Tyrone Gan, P. Eng.
iTRANS Consulting Inc.
100 York Boulevard, Suite 300
Richmond Hill, Ontario  L4B 1J8
Phone: 905-882-4100 / Fax: 905-882-1557 Email: tgan@itransconsulting.com
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Media inquiries:
Phil Meagher, Deputy General Manager, Operations, Durham Region Transit,
Project Manager, Long Term Transit Strategy, Regional Municipality of Durham
905-668-4113 ext. 3700