DRT New Pickering Route Re-Structure

WHITBY, ON, August 21, 2012 – Durham Region Transit (DRT) will implement the following service changes effective September 4, 2012. Approximately 16,000 service hours are added to improve traffic congestion conflicts, establish consistent routing through all time periods and increase evening and Saturday service. The new DRT routes operating north of the Pickering Parkway, with the exception of 110 Central Pickering and 112 Brock, will use the pedestrian bridge to connect with GO Train service. All the new Evening, Sunday and Holiday service will operate to/from Pickering GO Station.
  • 101 Industrial - Consistent routing through all time periods (former 101/101B Industrial).
  • 103 Amberlea - Adjusted to include the northern portion of 107/107B and Altona & Finch. Consistent routing through all time periods (former 102 Liverpool).
  • 105 West Shore - Consolidates 105 West Shore & 115 Lookout Point with a route change to improve sidewalk accessibility.
  • 106 Bay Ridges - Shortened route to reduce traffic conflicts and a route change to improve sidewalk accessibility.
  • 107 South Rosebank - Shortened route for better schedule adherence. See 103 Amberlea for north of Twyn Rivers Road.
  • 109 Rouge Hill Shuttle - No change to route or service frequency, new Saturday service.
  • 110/110A Central Pickering - New two way service on Bayly, Whites, Finch & Brock corridors (former 102 Liverpool, 108 Village East, 111 Finch / HWY 2).
  • 112 Brock - Consolidated to serve eastern portion of 108/122 Village and 112 Brock.
  • 114/114B Dixie - rush hour, midday and Saturday service. All GO Train service on Pickering PKWY Terminal at the pedestrian bridge (former 104 Glendale, 114 Maple Ridge, 141 Glendale/Maple Ridge).
  • 116 Sheppard – New route serving Foxwood/Rosebank area previously served by 103 Amberlea. All GO Train service on Pickering PKWY Terminal at the pedestrian bridge.
  • 117 Valley Farm - No change.
  • Midday Service
  • 103 Amberlea, 110/110A Central Pickering, 114/114B Dixie (former 144 Glendale / Maple Ridge).
  • 105 West Shore, 106 Bay Ridges, 110/110A Central Pickering (former 165 Bay Ridges / West Shore).
  • 110/110A Central Pickering and 117 Valley Farm (former 121 Liverpool Finch HWY 2).
  • 110/110A Central Pickering and 112 Brock (former 122 Village East).
  • Evening, Sunday & Holiday Service from the Pickering GO Station
  • 101D Industrial Bay Ridges – New route combining 101 Industrial & 106 Bay Ridges.
  • 103D Amberlea
  • 105D West Shore / South Rosebank - New route combining 105 West Shore & 107 Rosebank.
  • 110 /110A Central Pickering - New service on Brock, Finch, Whites and Bayly corridors.
  • 112D Brock / Valley Farm - New route combining 112 Brock & 117 Valley Farm.
  • 114D Dixie / Sheppard - New route combining 114 Dixie & 116 Sheppard.
    Regional Routes
  • 923 Bayly / U of T Scarborough – No change to the cross-boundary route from U of T Scarborough Campus at  Military Trail to Audley Road via Ajax and Pickering GO Stations.
  • 915 Taunton – Effective July 2, 1012 terminates at the Ajax GO Station with transfer to 923 Bayly to/from the Pickering GO Station.
    The changes were approved by DRT’s Transit Executive Committee (TEC) and Regional Council in February, 2012, with implementation following the completion of the Pedestrian Bridge on Pickering Parkway and the accessibility features of the structure.
    Passengers will find schedule change updates at www.durhamregiontransit.com.  Printed schedules will be available onboard prior to implementation and at ticket sales locations throughout the Region. Customers may also call Customer Service at 1-866-247-0055.
    The changes reflect DRT’s commitment to continuously review route performance for efficiency, monitor requests for service and provide the most effective service possible for DRT customers.
    For career opportunities visit ‘Employment Opportunities’ at durhamregiontransit.com.
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    Media Inquiries:
    Susan Dickison, Communications Coordinator, DRT
    susan.dickison@durham.ca 905-668-4113 ext. 3754