Social Media Terms of Use

DRT Facebook and Twitter accounts were created as a forum for Durham Region residents and DRT passengers to gain access to current DRT news and service alerts, express their opinions and engage in conversation with DRT and other passengers. If participants would like DRT to answer specific questions directly, they are encouraged to send an email to

Opinions and responses posted on DRT Facebook and Twitter must be responsible, free of insults and respectful of others. Participants must not:

- Defame, abuse, harass or threaten others
- Make any bigoted, hateful or racially offensive statements
- Advocate or discuss illegal activity
- Post any material that infringes and/or violates any right of a third party or any law
- Post any vulgar, obscene, discourteous or indecent language
- Advertise, sell or solicit to others
- Use the page for commercial purposes of any kind
- Post materials that contain a virus or harmful components
- Post  statements that do not generally pertain to the designated topic or theme of  discussion
- Impersonate other participants or public figures

Terms of Use Monitoring

- All posts are monitored by DRT staff who may delete any message at the discretion of DRT staff. If a submission violates guidelines, or is any other way inappropriate, the submission will be removed in its entirety at the discretion of DRT staff.
- If a user continues to post messages that violate any guidelines, the user may be blocked from using the page.
- If you believe a post violates the guidelines, please report it immediately to  Please contact the administrator directly and not through Facebook or Twitter itself. DRT will make every effort to remove a post that violates the guidelines in a timely manner, allowing for the manual nature of the removal process.

Personal Information

Any information that is posted by you is not confidential. All information disclosed by you will become public information and therefore you should exercise caution in disclosing any personal information. DRT is the sole owner of the information collected. DRT will not use personal information for any purpose other than applying a standard documentation of public participation policy without your consent unless disclosure is required by law in the event of a legal action arising from your post. Your comments only may be used in reports to Regional Council, DRT Commission, third party consultants or Advisory Committees to share information gathered through a public input process and the source of the public input.

Any questions or concerns regarding the collection of personal information posted on the page can be directed to DRT staff via e-mail at


DRT encourages ideas that are expressed and shared in a respectful and lawful way. Please respect the intellectual property rights, copyright or trademarks.

If you choose to share internet resources on DRT Facebook and Twitter, please ensure the web site to which you are linking permits the link. Links to any web site that promotes the sale of any commercial product or service are not permitted and will be removed.

DRT does not control or monitor Facebook Adverts. Facebook Adverts are paid for by external parties and do not express the views of DRT. If there is an objection, the user is encouraged to contact Facebook directly. Please email to report that advert.

The Facebook website is owned or operated by Facebook and is subject to Facebook's terms of use, over which DRT has no control. We do not make any express or implied warranties or representations with respect to comments or postings made on DRT's Facebook fan pages. We do not endorse and are not responsible or liable for damages relating to Facebook, its respective privacy policies or practices, links or any other content. For more information, we invite you to read the Facebook privacy policy available at this address:

The DRT Facebook and Twitter accounts are presented on an "as is" basis. DRT makes no representation about the accuracy or truthfulness of postings made by third parties. You are solely responsible for the content of your post and you indemnify DRT in respect of any costs, expenses, losses, damages, or claims arising out of your use of this forum. Any legal dispute arising out of the use of, or posting to, DRT Facebook or Twitter will be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario.

DRT has the right to modify these Guidelines and Terms of Use at any time.